Korgaonkar Highschool


Korgankar_1In the year 1976, Late Prabhakarpant Korgaonkar established the building of this school by donating a sum of Rs. 2 lakh. The then Chief Minister Hon. Shakarrao Chavan gave approval to the school on the request of Late Bhausaheb Khandekar. He was the immediate founder President, a great literary person and recipient of Dnyanpeeth Award. The Chief Minister came to Kolhapur and inaugurated the school on April 24, 1976. This is the delightful history of the school.

Various activities conducted by the school:

  • The unique school Paripath
  • The distinctive Geetmanch department
  • Sports flight in different games
  • Evening study rooms for SSC students
  • Weekly tests conducted for practice of SSC students
  • Extra coaching for the SSC students apart from their daily timetable
  • The peculiar Shaleya Poshan Aahar
  • A well equipped computer lab
  • Expressive and sensible boards
  • Helping department for promising, poor and intelligent students.
  • The peculiar cultural programme
  • A well furnished and rich library
  • Scrap book- Library
  • Saving Impression
  • Guidance for various scholarship examinations
  • Government drawing scholarship examinations

Facilities provided by the school:

  • There is a modern ICT lab which is run by the government of Maharashtra technical board. There are ten computers in the ICT lab. In addition to this, the school runs a well maintained lab by its own.
  • A library with a wide range of books, a science laboratory.
  • Well trained staff providing a positive environment for learning.