Mukt Sainik Balak Mandir


The school was established on August 15, 1967. Since then a lot of additions and improvements have taken place at the school. Good infrastructure, sports, a well qualified staff are some of the things the school lays focus on. This school runs LKG and UKG very efficiently. In addition, all round development of the young minds by paying special attention to games, entertainment and play way method of teaching is the primary motive.

Activities conducted by the school

  • Teaching : Pink Tower
  • Education of the body : Wide stair case, colours, charts, algebraic diagrams, red-stair case, touching slates, weight charts, smells, taste
  • Mathematics : Digital staircase, counting of things
  • Language : Oral language, singular, plural
  • Science parts : Floating ring, appearance of air
  • Life style : Filling water, pouring water walking, nail cutting, button, frame, hand washing
  • Hand craft prints :  paper cutting, origami
  • External Competitions : Fancy dress, story telling, acting and singing
  • Music : Prayers, bhajans, shloks, dramatisation
  • Cultural activity : Acting, songs, dramatisation. National festivals and religious festivals. Nagpanchami, Raksha Bandhan, Dahi Handi, etc.
  • Projects : Information exchange between teachers and students on topics of general awareness. Eg. Old houses and new houses. Making toys like snakes, greeting cards, sky lanterns and many more.

Facilities provided by the school :

  • The school runs a well maintained computer lab for the students to keep them updated with the changing technology.
  • Two trips are organised for the students. This inspires learning and freshens the young minds.
  • Good infrastructure and necessary equipments for the studying, sports and entertainment.
  • A well qualified staff that helps in moulding the young minds.