Our Specialties

Effective Teaching

It is well understood by us that mere chalk and blackboard restricted, monotonous teaching is not at all effective. So it is immense need to conduct the teaching a learning process through activities which will generate eagerness and curiosity. We believe that this procedure will build up there abilities to solve the questions and challenges in upcoming society with its own impressions of capabilities.

Value Based Education

We focus on cultivating positive guts, respecting elders, modesty in children, absorbing knowledge from all the windows and development of thinking process. We motivate the children to go beyond the bookish knowledge to practical life. people around them and put forth the helping hand.


All the schools of Antarbharati V. S. Khandekar Prashala, Vyapar Peth, Shahupuri; Korgavkar High School, Sadarbajar; S. K. Pant Valavalkar High School, Mukta Sainic Vasahat – these three Secondary Schools; Vasantrao Chougule Vidyalay, Savitri Shridhar Vidyalay, Y.P. Powar Vidyalay and Srujan Anand Vidyalay  including  these four primary schools all  of them have well furnished strong buildings. The child admitting in pre – primary school can learn up to 12th standard in our schools.


We understand and cater for the demands of upcoming world. Hence we have provided all our schools with well equipped computer labs having 35 computer sets in each lab. It is compulsory to take computer education in our schools from 1st to 12th standards. Every computer room has facility of e-learning as projectors are available in rooms.


Every secondary school has 40’ X 22’ well equipped laboratory where 40 students can work at a time. Laboratories have all necessary instruments, equipments and chemicals.


To cultivate the reading culture in students all three secondary and primary schools have libraries which  have rich treasure of books for 1st to 12th  standard. Also libraries are proved with daily newspaper and periodicals useful for students.


Two high schools of the society S.K. Pant Valavalkar High School and Koragavkar High School have the playgrounds of  their own, while the students of V. S. Khandekar Prashala and Vasantrao Chougule Vidyalay use the playground of law college situated nearby. Each high school has four well trained physical education teachers who have given good performance. One of our students has awarded with reputed ‘Shiv Chhatrapati Award’ for Kabaddi.

Midday Meal Section

Society has opened the midday meal section on the third floor of Koragavkar High School. Here we cook nutritious food for about 4000 students as per the guide lines of education department. Food is provided and served through clean hygienic utensils as plastic bowls for serving and cylindrical steel pots for transporting. To keep all the utensils clean and tidy separate system works.

Trip – An Educational Activity

We have started educational trips at low costs. The needy students are helped with sponsors so that no one can remain deprived from educational opportunities. The tours of pre- primary students are arranges to see historical and spectacular places of Kolhapur city while the trips of primary students are arranged to visit places in Kolhapur district. The students of Secondary schools are given opportunities to visit all over Maharashtra; the preference is given to nearby districts. The agenda is to preserve historical heritage, to understand geographical structures and so on.

Students Diary

Society provides a yearly educational diary to students to note daily homework and to communication with parents. This establishes good rapport with parents, students and teachers. Also the habit of daily diary writing can be cultivated through it.

Students’ Portfolio

The overall development from pre primary stage up to 12th standard are collected and filled in portfolio, which gathers information of students educational record about his/ her aptitude, attitude, capabilities, positive and negative aspects of personalities. This qualitative data serves as guiding lamp for career decisions of students.


At the end of each year society publishes annual report named ‘Nandadeep’. It consists of general information of all the branches of society, principal events and glorious moments during the year and yearly report of each school. It helps parents to know the activities going on in school.


As per the governmental rules and regulations society frames the question papers of each subject independently and in a transparent environment. Examinations are conducted taking in view the understanding of the students of each subject. While conducting teaching and learning process practical knowledge is given immense weightage.

Cultural Programme

Gathering is arranged on certain theme so as to cultivate the cultural and the historical heritage of the nation. In certain academic year any poet or author is represented completely so that students get introduced to renowned authors in Mother Tongue or English.

Personality Development and Camp for Dignity of labour

The personality development and camp for dignity of labour are arranged every year for the 5th, 7th and 9th standards which lead the students to go beyond syllabus with hands on experience. The lectures of specialists are arranged for students. To understand dignity of labour every year students of 9th standard visit Matrumandir at Devrukh in Kokan to work on farm.

Monthly Workshops and Discussion Forums for teachers

Monthly workshops and discussion forums for teachers are arranged so that different personalities in political, social, educational and financial sectors interact with teachers.