‘Dawn of tomorrow is embedded in today’s dusk.’ Enlightened with this motto the group of youth in Kolhapur, which took inspiration from 1942 freedom moment and Rashtrasevadal founded ‘Antarbharati Shikhshan Mandal’ in the decade 1960 to develop cultured and value based generation to provide society with positive thought, as per sustainable values enshrined in the constitution of India. In 1963 at the place of today’s ‘V. S. Khandekar Prashala’, the secondary school named ‘Antarbharati Vidyalaya’ was started. Decision was also taken to run the hostel for backward class students. Proactive youth who took lead in the establishment of this school humbly requested, to the renowned Marathi writer, winner of ‘Dnyanpith Award’, Honourable Bhausaheb alias V. S. Khandekar to accept responsibility of the presidential position of an institute which was immediately accepted by the socially aware writer. Under his leadership with devoted enthusiastic teachers of the institution soon school climbed steps of prosperity.

In the initial period period the school was run as a branch of ‘Antarbharati Shikshan Mandal,Kolhapur’. Our school provided with the space to the teachers enlightened with devoted thoughts of Sevadal. Hence the teachers in the surrounding area who were eager to work on the secular foundation, eradicating cast, creeds and regional discriminations rushed and became the part of the our school. The government gave an opportunity to run a stopped up high school at Nigave to revitalise again. After that two closed schools were offered by government (Mukat Sainic High School Kolhapur and Udagoan High School, Udagoan) to re-establish and to get flourished.  Afterwards V. S. Khandekar Prashala was adjoined to an institute as a fourth school.


The Mandal then  started its own Marathi School at Shahupuri. The  V. S. Khandekar Prashala earlier known as ‘Antarbharati Vidyalaya’  was renamed with ‘V. S. Khandekar Prashala’ in 1976 to keep Bhaus memories forever to get continuous inspiration and energy for further work. In 1972 government granted for school with the already reserved land admeasuring 8 acres 20 guntha. It granted 3.5 acres for the building and remaining for the playground on permanent lease basis. In getting this land contemporary Revenue Minister Hon. Balasaheb Desai offered helping hand. This school was inaugurated by contemporary Chief Minister hon. Shankarrao Chavan. Round about half the cabinet ministry was present for this golden ceremony.

The Koragavkar high school from the group of schools had well furnished building. Other schools were run in the places on rent. For the building of Korgavkar High School the managing trustee of the Korgavkar Dharmaday Trust Hon. Anilpant Korgavkar contributed Rs. 2 lacks massive fund at that time which helped in the making of building.

The Purogami (forward/advanced) Maharashtra government and devoted teachers in the school contributed at large scale financially. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra government Hon. Sushilkumar Shinde provided with 15 lacks and teachers of the Mandal contributed the difference of salary  as per the 5th pay commission, round about 8 lack rupees.

To the building of S.K. Pant Valavalkar high school S. K. Pant Valavalkar gave massive contribution and the trustee of Mukta Sainik Society gave 28000 sq. feet of land on the lease of 999 years; which enabled us to rise up the building of this high school.

Aim and objectives of Aantarbharati

Our aim is to shape up the students as per the principles enshrined in our constitution and develop a generation focused beyond cast and creeds. To develop the integrity in children, leadership guts, dignity of work and sensitivity Antarbharati is working devotedly.

  • Let’s enlighten the lamps of sensitivity in all heart
  • It will save them from drowning – like sun light.
  • Whatever is auspicious, sacred lets pray for that
  • Let’s pray for knowledge, which is persistent.