S K Pant Walawalkar Highschool


The school was established on June 6, 1967. Earlier the school was called Mukta Sainik High School. The strength of students at that time was 40. Classes conducted here range from Class V to Class X.  The best score of the school for SSC board exam was in the year 2015 with 98 per cent result.

Earlier the name of the school was Mukta Sainik Vidyapeeth. The new name was adapted on January 9, 1986.

Initially the school had very less infrastructure. Today it has changed into a huge building with a total of 31 rooms and 24 classrooms.

Activities held in the school:

  • The school has achieved great success in
  • Various sports events,
  • Intellectual competitions,
  • Debates,
  • Elocution,
  • Handwriting and essay competitions,
  • Science projects, science quiz, high school scholarship examination,
  • Math’s pravinya and pradnya exam, English external exam, Hindi external exam, Sanskrit external exam,
  • Drawing competitions, roup singing, NTS, NNMS, NCC, MCC, RSP camps, social work camp, educational trips, various co-curricular activities,
  • Annual gathering, prize distribution, cultural programmes, parents’ meeting, guest lecture, eco friendly project, tree plantation, weekly test, extra coaching, celebration of different festivals, birth anniversary and memorial days of great leaders are activities held regularly.

Facilities provided by the school:

  • There is a modern ICT lab which is run by the government of Maharashtra technical board. There are ten computers in the ICT lab. In addition to this, the school runs a well maintained lab by its own.
  • A library with a wide range of books, a science laboratory.
  • Well trained staff providing a positive environment for learning.