Srujan Anand Vidyalaya


lilatai patil_01 Principal Leelatai Patil established Srujan Anand Vidyalaya to give new direction to education in Maharashtra. This school was founded on June 1, 1985. It is a Marathi medium school catering to  classes 1 to 4. Since last 30 years Srujan Anand is working for the welfare of the poor. Many men and women had dedicated their time, talent, skills and contacts free of cost for this experimental school.

Activities at the school

  • Lectures, weekly meetings, teacher workshops,
  • Reading, practical experience, understanding different lifetsyles
  • Awareness of social problems, solution seeking approach
  • Curiosity corner, puzzle board, exhibition, class decoration, three minutes silence, mass birthdays
  • Individual attention through games, educational base through each activity, love for country
  • Special methods of evaluation, etc
  • Unlike the textbooks prescribed by the government, our school does not focus on textual learning but practical experience.

Facilities at the school

  • Many parents co-operate in the school activities which are initiated for their awakening. This results in responsible parenting.
  • Children here are taught basic awareness of environment and to use nature’s accessories economically as well as self-dependence, cleanliness and simplicity. This is a laboratory where good citizens are accomplished.
  • A well trained staff that helps shaping the young minds.
  • Classrooms that are rich in educational equipments.
  • A good environment for learning.
  • The school also has a well maintained computer room, library with a variety of books and required sports equipments and materials.