V S Khandekar Prashala


The original concept of the school was first presented by Late Sane Guruji. The idea to start the school was to spread fraternity, kinship among the Indian people who are scattered in various religions, castes and languages. Mr. Annasaheb Sahastrabuddhe, senior member, guide of Rashtr Seva Dal, appealed the followers of Rashtr Seva Dal to start the educational institutes, named ‘Antarbharati Shikshan Sanstha’ all over Maharashtra. And as a response to the approval ‘Antarbharati Vidyalaya’ was started in Shahupuri, in Kolhapur.

Various activities conducted in the school

  • District level interschool speech contest since 40 years
  • Conducting district level inter school “Ekpatri Abhinay spardha” sponsored by Late Rukminibai Mallappa Rote Trust, every year
  • Award for the “Best Student” & “Best social servant student” to encourage the students. “Eklavya purskar” for the student helping the needy student
  • Publication of “Aamhi Khandekariy ” State Level Navopakram winner magazine for students
  • Sports contests, camp on the importance of work rights conducted for students of  9th std every year
  • Celebrating ‘language day’ for Marathi, Hindi & English languages
  • Celebration of ‘Science day’ on 28th Feb every year
  • Conducting ‘Personality Development Work shop’ for the students of 5th to 7th std
  • Summer Sport Camp and Annual school sport contest
  • Celebrating ‘Sports day’ on 20th Aug in a very good spirit. Anniversaries of national leaders & social workers
  • Health checkup camps for students
  • Science club activities – school level science exhibition, science quest, debating, slide shows, lectures, science tour
  • Speech, essay and handwriting contest in Marathi, Hindi, English languages
  • Science Talent Search Exam, Maths Skill Exam, Maharashtra Talent Search Exam(MTS), National Talent Search Exam (NTS), Hindi National language Exam, scholar ship Exam for 5th & 8th std, General knowledge contest, TMV English exam, NMMS exam
  • Story telling contest
  • One act play, Natya vachan, Natya chhata contest
  • Elementary, Intermediate Grade Drawing Exam
  • Science exhibition & literature contest

Facilities at the school

  • Well equipped science and computer laboratory & library
  • Two computer labs with e-learning facility
  • Special facility of ‘Disabled inclusive education’ for needy students
  • Special facility for Sanskrit subject
  • Facility of learning in Marathi and semi English medium for std 5th to 10th
  • Saving bank for students
  • Special training for basket ball game
  • Student diary
  • Educational tours
  • Parents meets with detailed counselling