Y P Powar Vidyalay


Our famous writer Mr. Sane Guruji’s thoughts inspired the establishment of Antarbharti for primary school in Kolhapur on January 1, 1966.

Initially the strength of the school was only 12 but today there are about 500 students studying here. Some supporting pillars who were the helping hands for the school are Mr. Shyam Patvardhan, Dr. G. Shree Miraje, Mr. Mohanrao Latkar and Chandrakant Patgaonkar.

Soon the school also incorporated a special division for the disable students in the year 2004. To train these students specially trained teachers were appointed.

A number of activities and extracurricular programs are conducted in the school. Here is a brief list of these programs:

  • Computer training for all students.
  • Emphasis on drawing and English through subject experts in addition to the regular subject teachers.
  • Mid day meals provided to all the students.
  • Fun learning methods through student centric learning for an overall development of the learners.
  • A spacious ground to develop the physical strength of our students.
  • A well equipped library.
  • In our Marathi medium school we arrange student- teacher birthday activity, Raksha Bandhan activity, where we send rakhees to Indian soldiers to cultivate the feeling of love and affection for the nation.
  • We also arrange speech, handwriting, story telling, drawing and rangoli competition to boost the hidden creativity of our students.
  • Sports competitions and cultural programs
  • Awareness of the financial needs of the needy as well as handicap in our society.
  • Guidance to students for competitive exams such as Indian Talent Search (ITS), Maharashtra Talent Search (MTS), Pre High School scholarship exam as well as Municipal Corporation Scholarship Exam.

Facilities provided at the school

  • A well trained staff that helps shaping the young minds.
  • Classrooms that are rich in educational equipments.
  • A good environment for learning.
  • The school also has a well maintained computer room, library with a variety of books and required sports equipments and materials.